Thursday, 23 August 2018

Kresen Kernow animation

Out of the sheer amount of non stop work and things to do I forgot to post here that we finished our Kresen Kernow client animation. I am really pleased of how it turned out and my team was extremely talented and hard working. All the deadlines I set on the project schedules and trackers where hit. So please enjoy our animation

also see my showreel of what animation and stuff I did. 

If the videos don't play go check out the youtube channel it self

Working on my new website

I have had a busy summer and I am loving it! This summer I was lucky enough to get my computer all set up and animate lots of things. I just about to finish a client project which I will post sometime in the future once everything is official. I have secured some more client work which unfortunately like the other client work, I am unable to disclose what it is at the moment. What I can tell people (if anyone reads this page at all) is I am working on my professional website.

I want to make the website clean and simple but since I love animation and am an animator why not make my own animation to feature on the page.
Sounds simple but making animation for the web has lots of tricky bits and bobs in the rendering and exporting of files.

Making animation that will look good on computers and tvs is one thing but making animations that look good on that, as well as mobile phones and tablets is whole other ball park. 

A gif should play on all devices so I created some typography animation in After Effects for my about page. Exporting a gif proved to be a challenge, the standard way to export through media encoder left some nasty distortion and artefacts in the animation and I can't have that for my website. So I have to export as a mp4 and then import into photoshop and export from there into a gif for web. However that isn't all because there is a 500 frame limit, unless you trick the program by converting the video into frames and pasting all the frames you want back in and then exporting. Who knew making a simple gif was such hard work.
As soon as the website is complete and the other client projects I will post around proudly.
For now go check out my Instagram if you haven't already as I post art work there frequently.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

New shot tracker

Nerd alert! I never thought I would enjoy creating shot trackers... This is the stuff that makes animation! Hopefully this will help keep track of what needs to be done and who needs to do it. With this new shot tracker done all left to do is actually producing this film! Also side note I'm really happy that I can have drop down menus in google spreadsheets! 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

New Animation Showreel

Check out my showreel and my Instagram to see more of my work.


Second term has officially started up again and the projects are piling up! Lots of work to do. I am now producing 2 team projects, one of which we intend to make into our final 3rd year film and one for a live brief module. For a successful animation project to happen it is all about good direction and production management. One thing I have learnt from Falmouth and producing multiple different animation (many in teams) is how important production management is. The reason most team animation projects fail is lack of organisation and time wasted on trying to figure out details on the fly. Animation is difficult and time consuming so not having an organised project and a clear goal for a finished project is dangerous and will result in a poor project or an incomplete project. I made 2 global schedules for my teams and have organised a google drive that people upload and look at for reference. My next step for the 2 projects is going to be making a pipe line that fits the style of animation and the team members strengths. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Bent Out of Sheep concept art and development

This is some concept art and character development art that I did for my preproduction module. This work is for Gabby Jeary's preproduction project "Bent Out of Sheep" which is about a sheep named Lambert who gets transformed into a human by some radioactive grass and falls in love with a woman named Henrietta.
For this project we had to work in the style of Ben Nicholson and/or Barbra Hepworth. Inspired by Hepworth's surgery drawings and the scratch texture I created this concept art for the characters Lambert and Henrietta.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Compositing work for live brief module with Shelterbox. In my group we decided to do stop-motion props and backgrounds 2d character animation. I was tasked with puting the different elements together. Here is one of the finished shots. 2D animation by Aris Kolaretakis and 2D painted backgrounds by Simona Cojocariu. Stop-motion house by Imogen Saunders and Neidin Rodgers.
I put together all these elements in After Effects. I started by importing them in and combining the backgrounds. Then I imported Aris's animation run cycle and scaled it down and moved it along the screen. Then I started lighting the character digitally to match the lighting in the scene. Finally I added shadows.